Who is Ragıp TOKLUCU?
 Born in Ordu -Mesudiye (1955)
 Primary and Middle School Persembe (Ordu) High School Education
was completed in Ankara.

He completed his painting education at Hüsamettin Koçan workshop at
Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts (1987)
he started to work at Sine-Sen (Turkey Cinema Workers Union took part in the
educational circle (1977 - 1980)
In the same years, he drew cartoons for various magazines and newspapers.

Important TV dramas and movies respectively; he worked as a set photographer,
production director, assistant director, acting and art director.
Prepared banners and generics.

he married Assistant Director Şehriban Süyür (1993)
They gave birth to a son named Kubilay (1994)
Started in the Comic (2013)

The comic strip website is published daily on the Internet
(www.karacizgi.com) and
 he started publishing his Comic Book works. (2014)

He opened four solo exhibitions:
The Gürcükizi Art Houses (1987)
Yapı Kredi Bank Beyoğlu Art Gallery (1992)
Ortakoy Art Gallery - Clowns (2013)
Izmir State Painting and Sculpture Museum - Good, Bad and Funny (2018)
He participated in many group exhibitions ...
He won two awards from the competitions:

Grand National Painting Competition (1985)
Tekel Painting Contest First Prize (1993)