Who is Ragip TOKLUCU?
Born in 1955 in Mesudiye- Ordu (Turkey)
Graduate of the field Art painting of the "State applied art college" (old name)  
"Marmara university faculty for art" (new name) (1987)
He has drawn cartoon for a period (1978 -1985)
He has worked as "Art Director” with important television drama ...
He had a three personal Exhibition:

Gürcükizi Arthouse (1987)
Yapi Kredi Beyoglu Art Gallery (1992)
Ortakoy Art Gallery (2013)
He has in many mix Exhibition taken part...
He has got two award from the Competitions:
M.U. National Sovereigenty Painting Competition Great award (1985)
Tekel Painting Competition First Rank Award (1993)